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Hamsa Clothing


These meditation cushions are handmade from start to finish. They are stuffed to capacity with pure cotton stuffing and then covered by a soft stretch 'suede' material. The designs on the surface of the cushion are hand embroidered and almost any design can be created.
The cushions are crescent moon shaped which allows for optimal comfort and support when sitting in cross legged meditation postures. The ergonomic design allows for a sleight height at the tailbone which gently tilts the pelvis and allows the knees to move towards the floor. As a result the spine is free to extend upwards and the optimal posture for meditation is assumed. The crescent of the cushion allows space then for the feet and ankles to be folded in and to be rested on the floor.

Many people have found that these cushions help to improve their sitting posture and thus make is possible for long hours of meditation to occur with less physical discomfort and distraction. Also used as back and neck rests the cushions become useful in all manner of situations. The cushions will eventually flatten down slightly (as is the nature of cotton stuffing to be compacted) but will stop at a certain point. No lumps or clumping of material occurs so once bought, one cushion can serve you for life!

The covering material comes in many colours and any manner of design can be created. This means that each and every cushion is original, personal, and made with great care and attention to detail. Please browse the website and have a look at some design options and find out more about the product.



We also host a clothing label - Hamsa, meaning swan. Hamsa offers a line of good quality and comfortable clothing designed especially for yoga, stretching, pilates, gym and other active occasions. Click here for more info.


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